Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Writer's Review of “Within My Heart" by Tamera Alexander

It's been years since the night Rachel Boyd's husband never returned from his first lone bear hunt. In that time, she has tried her best to make their cattle ranch everything he'd always wanted it to be -- but eventually she has to admit, being a rancher just wasn't what she was cut out for.

Of course, this is hard when she wants more than anything to keep her husband's memory alive for her two young sons. She feels guilty, not only for wanting to give up on Thomas' dreams, but also because she is beginning to wonder if she would ever allow herself to love again. Was it worth it? What if she lost another husband? Could she bear it? No -- and with that answer resounding in her heart, she guards herself against every look from Doctor Rand Brookston.

When Dr. Brookston asks her to help with a new surgical procedure, she is more than willing to help by using the skills she’d learned from her doctor father long ago. But the more Rand Brookston asks for her help, and the more their friendship grows, Rachel realizes ultimately what she wants to do with her life... and with whom.

I gave Within My Heart 5 STARS.

I've read every single one of Tamera Alexander's books over the years and have completely enjoyed all of them. Her characters are always well-formed with believable emotions pertaining to the problems they are going through. They are often far from perfect -- each one, a complex mess of struggles, prejudices and often stubbornness. The plot was also very interesting and well-paced. The author has the great ability of telling the reader just enough without bogging down the story with too many details of how and why and when.

I checked this book out at my public library and have provided this review of my own free will. 

I can't wait to read Tamera Alexander's next book, A Lasting Impression, the first book in The Belmont Mansion Series!


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I loved this book too! :o)