Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Books

By Jane Austen

By Charlotte Bronte

By Emily Bronte

By Francine Rivers

By Charles Dickens

By Deeanne Gist
A Bride Most Begrudging
The Measure Of A Lady
Deep In The Heart Of Trouble
A Bride In The Bargain
Maid To Match

By Tamera Alexander
The Inheritance
From A Distance
Beyond This Moment
Within My Heart

By Julie Lessman
A Passion Most Pure
A Passion Redeemed
A Passion Denied
A Hope Undaunted

Also, every single book by Grace Livingston Hill 


Julie Lessman said...

WOW, Dawn, thank you SOOO much for putting me in such great company, and I loved Grace Livingston Hill and Georgette Heyer too! Have a great weekend!


Jessica R. Patch said...

Yay, it's fixed and I can leave comments now! I've never read Tamera, Julie or Deeanne, but I've heard great things about them all! Gotta get on it!

Charity U said...

Oh, Dawn, I think we could be friends. :) I've just started getting into Julie Lessman, and am totally loving the two books of hers that I've read! Grace Livingston Hill...oh my land. :) I've read a great many books by her. "Great Expectations" is my favorite Dickens, and I love Jane Austen. :)

Charity U said...

P.S. Hi, Julie! :)