Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Writer's Review of “The Daughters of Boston" series by Julie Lessman

by Julie Lessman

I'm not one to usually pick up a book by an author I've never heard about, but a few years ago I did just that, and ended up finding my all-time favorite Christian fiction author! I've since learned that it probably had something to do with some sort of special connection both Julie Lessman and have regarding Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. This was the first Christian fiction novel that actually made me cry -- and there it was. The bar was set. This was an AMAZING first novel... and Julie Lessman hasn't stopped being amazing since. With every book, they just seem to get better and better!!!!

by Julie Lessman

I particularly looked forward to reading this book, mostly because the heroine was such a firecracker in Book #1... and the fact that I felt as if I already knew the entire O'Connor family and their friends so well. It was like I was going back to read more about my very own friends. And then, of course, there was hero. Now, passion is a pretty strong word in and of itself... but perhaps, just maybe there is some other word out there that could go even deeper into the amazing story between these two characters... and whatever that word is, it all begins with one character--Mitch Dennehy. I swear, I still cannot look at the cover of that book without having the sudden urge to swoon.      

by Julie Lessman

I adore how completely flawed Julie Lessman can write her characters. Each one of them has so many real issues they're trying to work out, and most of the time, as the reader, you actually get the point where you aren't able to see HOW they're going to get over them--and then on with their lives. It's simply amazing how well Julie can get inside such differing high emotions, deep desires and wounded hearts of each and every one of her characters, male and female. Like I said, she sets the bar--and sets it high. There is no other author I enjoy reading more than Julie Lessman.    


Sheri Salatin said...

I've read A Passion Most Pure, but I haven't read the other two yet. They're on my TBR stack. :)

Dawn Crandall said...
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Dawn Crandall said...

The next series is just as good, if not better!!! I strive to be like Julie Lessman, but with my own style of 1st person, of course. :D

Jackie said...

I just got my first Julie Lessman book and hope to read it soon!
I like your blog!