Friday, July 6, 2012

A Writer's Review of “The Keeper" by Suzanne Woods Fisher

{My Review}

There were four reasons I decided to read The Keeper, the first in Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Stoney Ridge Seasons series.

          1.) I was invited to take part in a Litfuse Blog Tour for the second book in this series (The Haven, which I just got in the mail this week).

          2.) I got this book for free for Kindle back in May... and it was just sitting there waiting for me.

          3.) I have NEVER once read an Amish novel in my life. I thought I should try the genre out.

          4.) I’ve decided that it’s probably a good idea to read the authors who are also represented by my literary agent, Joyce Hart.

This was my first go at this, and since I am a rather picky reader, I went in praying.

And what I found out right away was that I adore Suzanne Woods Fisher’s writing voice! I think she could have been writing about drag-racing farm equipment through muddy fields and I would have wanted to keep reading. I LOVED the characters, their farm, the name of their farm, their dynamic family relationships, their community... EVERYTHING. I started reading this book on Tuesday night... and I didn’t want to stop.

But I had to. I’d told my mother I would go with her to a nearby Amish town on Independence Day. I’ve been there before. It’s an Amish community that’s only about an hour from where I was born and raised. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been there in my life... but not once before this last Wednesday did I feel like I had an inkling of where they were coming from. I thought about them constantly, wanted to study them (I’m a people-watcher anyway), and most of all, I wanted to get my kindle out and keep reading The Keeper. When I got home that evening I finally had my chance. I sat on my bed for the whole rest of the night until I was finished.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this book. And I’m not able to say that very often. Suzanne Woods Fisher made me love every word and how she placed them together. It wasn’t just a story—although the story from start to finish was perfection—it was the way she put the story together that had me hooked. She uses her words so wisely! There were so many times she amazed me by the depth and meaning she was trying to portray to the reader—I’m sorry I can’t even remember a single one! I really should have taken better notes... but I was so enthralled! I just had to keep reading!

The title, The Keeper, is a great example... in that the hero in the story is a young drifter of an Amish man who hasn’t kept anything in the last six years... except for the bees he keeps... although no one ever calls him a bee-keeper, but rather, The Bee Man. And he, of all of the people in the story is the last person who would want to be called, or anyone else would even dare call a keeper in reference to falling in love and getting married.

Poetical is a perfect word to describe it. 

Celebration is in order!... for I’ve found another one of those “go-to” authors who I know will not disappoint. And she has so many other books for me to find and read! I have The Choice and The Haven setting right here beside me waiting for the next chance I’m free! Can you tell how excited I am? Sometimes I go weeks before finding a book that I actually ENJOY reading!

I give Suzanne Woods Fisher’s The Keeper 5 stars


Kristy L. Cambron said...

Dawn - Your posts are always so insightful! I especially like that you've reviewed a book by one of my favorite authors (Suzanne is a gifted author and a very kind voice to other upcoming authors). I've enjoyed each time we've spoken.

Your blog just keeps getting better and better! : )

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness,'ve got me tearing up today! Thank you for so many reasons...for taking the time to read the first in the series before you tackled the second in the series, for giving an Amish novel a try (I understand your reluctance!), for being so affirming and encouraging. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you! Warmly, Suzanne
PS Julia, Sadie, and M.K. thank you, too! Even Uncle Hank and Jimmy Fisher

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

Hi Dawn! I love Suzanne's work, too! And I listened to her book, "The Choice", because Joyce represented her, too! My blog contributors love Suzanne's work, too! Blessings!

Suzanne said...

Hmmmm...blogger left my comment as anonymous. Who knows why?! Just wanted you to know it was me. Thanks again, Dawn! Suzanne

Dawn Crandall said...

Thanks Kristy! I try. I usually come to my blog with dreading... knowing it isn't really everything it could be. At least it's pretty though... and insightful at times. :D

Dawn Crandall said...

You're welcome Suzanne! I love finding authors I want to gush about!!

Dawn Crandall said...

After I read The Haven (next in my pile), I'm going to read The Choice. It sounds really good!!!

April W Gardner said...

Suzanne is awesome! Makes the Amish genre shine.