Friday, January 4, 2013

A Writer's Review of “Catch a Falling Star” by Beth K. Vogt

{My Review}

Beth K. Vogt’s second fiction title, Catch a Falling Star, comes out this May following the success of her first book, Wish You Were Here. The main characters in this story had me flipping the pages even when I wasn’t certain I was going to like the book. They were older, more mature characters than I’m used to reading about; thirty-six-year-old Dr. Kendall Haynes, a family physician specializing in asthma and allergies, and thirty-eight-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Griffin Walker, a pilot who has been grounded and “flying a desk” for over a year.

The plot of this book touched on so many different subjects—the characters involved in this story struggled with grief, long-unanswered prayers, guilt concerning their past, and the complex family-relationships things like death and adoption can create.

Kendall and Griffin don’t like each other at first, but keep bumping into each other and reluctantly bonding over their love for Jeeps and the care and concern of Griffin’s asthmatic adopted sixteen-year-old brother, Ian. Griffin is still getting used to living with this stranger-brother who has just moved from Florida to Colorado to live with him after their parents’ death in a plane crash. I didn’t really understand why they seemed to hate each other so much until about half way through the book when they were each starting to get over their prejudices.

Beth’s first book was quite good, but I agree with others who’ve said they like this second one even more. She is a very talented writer and knows how to orchestrate a fun, yet moving story.

I received a complimentary and unedited (it hasn’t quite been through the complete editing process yet) eBook version of Catch a Falling Star by Howard Books (through in order to give a review containing my honest opinion.

I give Beth K. Vogt’s Catch a Falling Star 4 Stars.

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