Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Writer's Review of Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love


I have to admit, I didn’t read the first two books in this Hickory Ridge Romance Series by Dorothy Love, but that didn’t stop me from understanding the story Every Perfect Gift. True, I might have known more about Sophie, Ada, Wyatt, Carrie and Griffbut it was perfectly just knowing that they were the main characters in the first two books. However, the number of other characters in the book (in general) was a bit distracting at times.

For any average reader of historicals looking for a good story to spend an afternoon or two with, this ‘sweet’ romance would definitely do the trick. It is well-written and the story is interesting—even if is uncannily similar to the book I started writing in November. Fortunately, the style, POV (third person point of view from both the hero and heroine) and over-all ‘sweetness’ of the book are completely different than how my own historical romantic suspense from first person point of view with this sort of ‘old-fashioned resort’ setting will turn out. But boy, I hope I can score a cover as beautiful as this one someday! 

My favorite thing about this book in general was the fact that it took me to the fictional Smoky Mountain resort called Blue Smoke and showed me new angles into the life of a hotel manager/owner during that era. I cant help it. I always read as a writer. I have to. I did like the main characters, Ethan and Sophie, though there wasn’t nearly enough keeping them apart for my taste. And they did love each other entirely too easily. Personally, I like to see characters awkwardly squirm with discomfort and suffer through sorrowful broken-heartedness before getting to their happy endings.          

Sophie has spent a lifetime guarding her heart and a long-held secret. It will take all of her courage to speak the truth and embrace the future God has planned for her.

The year is 1886, and Sophie Robillard returns to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, after living in Texas for 15 years as the ward of Ada and Wyatt Caldwell. Now that the town's population has exploded, her intention is to reopen the long-defunct newspaper office that so captivated her when she was still an orphan. The rejection she experienced as a child because of her mixed parentage has left deep scars that she hopes can be healed by succeeding in this new venture.

Ethan Heyward was uprooted from his home as a boy following an unspeakable tragedy. Horace Blakely, a millionaire businessman, took Ethan under his wing and eventually put him in charge of the construction and opening of Blue Smoke resort in Hickory Ridge.

They meet when Sophie arrives at Blue Smoke to interview Ethan for her newspaper. As their attraction deepens, each hides a secret that, if revealed, could end their relationship. 

-- Description on Goodreads
I was given a paperback copy of this book by Thomas Nelson in order for me to read and give my honest review. I give Dorothy Loves Every Perfect Gift 3.5 Stars.

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Sheri Salatin said...

This book sounds very interesting. I've never even heard of this author. Thanks for the review!!