Monday, March 18, 2013

A Writer’s Review of “A Noble Groom" by Jody Hedlund

{Dawns Review}

Jody Hedlund does it every single time.

She impresses me. Yes, Dawn Crandall, the virtually un-impressible. And yet she does it... every single time.

With that said, she doesn’t have nearly enough books out! This is only her fourth published novel (with Bethany House), and in my opinion, there aren’t too many authors out there who write half so well.

Also, before I start in on what I loved SO MUCH about the inside of this book, I have to add that A Noble Groom has THE BEST COVER EVER. I don’t often like covers with the hero of the book pictured, especially without the heroine involved at all! But this one went so well with the blurb about the book. Everything about it was perfect: the farm, the wind, the clouds, the suit, the cravat, the colors, the look on his face... everything about it matched everything inside the book to perfection.

I really don’t know how exactly Jody makes reading about two mismatched people working on a farm in the middle of nowhere Michigan in 1880/1881—speaking German (hypothetically) to one another no less—so enthralling. But like I said, she does it every time, no matter what she’s writing about.

You know, on second thought, maybe I do know what it is.
It’s her characters. Their emotions are so true, their thoughts so amazingly accurate. The situations they find themselves in... so complexly and perfectly orchestrated.

Both Annalisa Werner and Carl von Reichart have so much to learn throughout the pages of this book; about themselves and about each other, as well as about life in general. Although they’re both German immigrants from an area called Saxony, they are from extreme opposite worlds. Annalisa is the widow of a mean-hearted peasant farmer who’s family had relocated to America six years before because of the severe work conditions in Saxony... and Carl, the wrongly-accused fugitive, who happens to (secretly) be the son of the over-bearing Baron who caused the death of Annalisa’s older brother which resulted in her entire family immigrating to America in the first place.

Talk about complex! Although I did begin reading this book the first moment I had it in my grasp (and after, literally, stalking my mailman everyday waiting for it to arrive!), I did not end up reading it quickly. Partly because I simply didn't want it to end and partly because there were so many points in the book that I just had to stop reading so I could digest what all was (or at times, what wasn’t!) going on within and between these two characters. There were also all of the times when I felt that all was lost, and I had no idea how Carl and Annalisa were ever going to end up together by the end of the book....


Then I finally read the last twenty percent as quickly as possible because I couldn’t stand not to any longer.

And then I sighed again, and again, and again. (haha, that’s especially for Jody and anyone else who might have read the book already).

Now every time I see the cover of the book pictured anywhere, I simply sigh and say, “Oh, yes... that book. That wonderful book.”
I blessedly received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I give Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom 5 (million) stars.

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Keli Gwyn said...

I'm eager for my copy to arrive, so I can enjoy Jody's latest.

Deanna said...

My copy came in the mail on Saturday. I put everything on hold but like you I don't want it to end and am reading it as slowly as I can...which in reality is pretty quickly because I want to know what happens next!! LOVE the book so far (I'm in the middle) and have no doubts I'll still LOVE it at the end. (but I'll be sad because I'm done) Jody is one of a few authors in which I read her books over and over again.

Dawn Crandall said...

Thanks for commenting, Keli and Deanna. :D Jody is one of the only authors I want to read over and over too. Her words are so beautifully written... it's almost poetic. And I adore her characters. Once I read them, they simply stay with me. Going back to read the books again is like getting to know them even more. :)

Mavelyn Cotter said...

I have a copy on order and can't wait to receive it. I LOVE the previous books from Jody Hedlund. She is an awesome writer....makes you feel like you are right in the time zone and area of each story.

Ganise said...

Now I NEED my own copy to arrive too!! Thanks for sharing your review, Dawn. :)

Dawn Crandall said...

Thanks for stopping by to read the review Mavelyn and Ganise. :)

Nancy Kimball said...

I had to laugh so hard when you said you don't care for the hero to be on the cover, especially alone. That's polar opposite of me, LOL.
I've only read Unending Devotion.
I really, really want to read this and The Doctor's Lady.

Dawn Crandall said...

Bethany House might have just changed my mind on that whole "preference". Haha. You should read them! Jody writes an amazing hero! :)