Friday, September 6, 2013

A Writer's Review of “Fairchild's Lady" by Roseanna M. White

{My Review}

I don't usually read novellas, simply because they don't often get to the depth of emotion I like to witness in a character--but I think Roseanna M. White might have just changed my mind about my willingness to try more of them. Especially when they're FREE!

Although I have not read the first book in her series--the book which preludes to this novella--that was fine, because it stood firmly all on it's own without my knowing anything about the series.

I adored the hero and heroine, so much that I seriously wish it could have been three times longer, and a full length book. Roseanna has a way of writing emotion that I love--it reminded me of reading my own writing, which is a very wonderful thing to encounter. This is the kind of book I would write myself and therefore, I cannot say enough about it. I look forward to reading more from her in the future!

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{About Roseanna M. White}

Roseanna M. White grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, the beauty of which inspired her to begin writing as soon as she learned to pair subjects with verbs. She spent her middle and high school days penning novels in class, and her love of books took her to a school renowned for them.

After graduating from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, she and her husband moved back to the Maryland side of the same mountains they equate with home.

Roseanna is the author of two biblical novels, A Stray Drop of Blood and Jewel of Persia, the historical romance, Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland, and a suspenseful historical romantic series from Harvest House called the Culper Ring trilogy consisting of Ring of Secrets (March 2013), (yes, the series includes the bonus novella, Fairchild's Lady), Whispers From the Shadows (due out in August 2013) and Circle of Spies (due out in February 2014). The sequel A Stray Drop of Blood, called A Soft Breath of Wind is due out in the fall of 2014). 

She is also the senior reviewer at the Christian Review of Books, which she and her husband founded, the senior editor at WhiteFire Publishing, and a member of ACFW, HisWriters, HEWN Marketing, and Colonial Christian Fiction Writers.


{Roseanna M. White's Books}

Her Stand-Alones


Her Biblical Fiction Series

                                                                                              Due to Release Fall of 2014!

The Culper Ring Series

        Released August 2013!             Due to Release February 2014!


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