Friday, June 10, 2011

A Writer's Review of “Driftwood Lane" by Denise Hunter

I don’t usually read much Contemporary Christian fiction. But that might change now that I’ve come across Denise Hunter’s books. I read The Convenient Groom a few years ago – and I loved it. But because I write Christian Historical Fiction, that is usually what I end up trying to read. I should actually expound on this... as I have come to the realization that there are two very distinct kinds of Christian Historical Fiction. I like deeply emotional and complex characters in a plot that is both believable and makes sense. 

With that said, now I can tell you – I LOVED Denise Hunter’s book Driftwood Lane. Her characters jump off the page... her plots are both complex and believable, and her style of writing is perfect. I even just messaged her on facebook a while ago thanking her for putting so much time into her writing. I liked the over-all experience of reading her book THAT much.

The book Driftwood Lane is about Meridith Ward – a young woman who has perfect control of her life. The perfect job focused on keeping order and maintaining obedience... the perfect house... and the perfectly emotionally-detached fiancé. What more could she ask for? 

Enter a few circumstances beyond her control and we have a character that has no idea what to do with herself. Ah, my favorite kind. Now, if you must know more about the book, I will tell you a little… but I hate rehashing through all the ins and outs of a book in a review. I want you to go read the book and find out for yourself!

Meridith pretty much doesn’t have a choice but to fly from her home in Saint Louis, Missouri all the way to Nantucket, Massachusetts to provide guardianship for her estranged father’s three other children, who have just been orphaned. Upon arriving, her only goals are to have the Bed and Breakfast the children live in repaired and up to code so she can sell it… and wait for the children’s irresponsible uncle to return to relinquish guardianship to him.

Only he never shows up, never emails and never calls. Does he even know his sister was dead and that the children needed him?  The more she learns to love the children – she comes to the realization that she doesn’t want their Uncle Jay to have guardianship. What kind of life would they have being raised by such a vagabond?

Meridith’s life takes some drastic turns while living in Nantucket with the children, helping them grieve their parents and fixing up the house. And oh, did I forget to mention Jake Walker, the hot guy who is fixing up the house for her?  He has quite an important role in how the story goes… and also in how enjoyable the story reads.

I borrowed this book from the Fort Wayne/Allen County Library and am happy to give it 5 STARS.



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