Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Writer's Review of “The Lightkeeper's Bride" by Colleen Coble

I have been reading all sorts of new authors and sub-genres lately... mostly for the sake of this blog. I used to simply put a “hold request” on books of my favorite authors– and not have a new book to read for a very long time while I waited. I have been burned a few different times by new authors, and I think it turned me off from trying them out very often. Well, this week I read my first book by Colleen Coble, The Lightkeeper's Bride, a new author and new sub-genre for me. :D

I wasn't sure what I was going to be walking into beginning this book without reading Book One in the Mercy Falls Series (The Lightkeeper's Daughter)– and that may have contributed to how quickly I was lost in a rush of  fast paced information-overloaded scenes. Not that this was bad. Having never read many books involving the aspect of suspense before, I was unprepared for how quickly the clues started piling up! But what I found by the end of the book was that I have a new favorite author and sub-genre of books to read!

Katie Russell and Will Jesperson were both very likable main characters who seemed absolutely perfect for each other from the moment they met. The author did a very good job of making it clear how well they knew each other and that being known so well by another was so important to them. I also loved the adventure of searching for a hidden pirated ship along the rocky coast of Northern California. There were things I would have liked to see more or less of– but as a whole I enjoyed this book because of the characters, the general plot and writing style of the author.

I borrowed The Lightkeeper's Bride from my local Allen County Library and I give it 4 STARS.


Candy said...

LOVE Colleen Coble. I am reading the third book in this series. She is an excellent writer. I would HIGHLY recomend her Rock Harbor series.

Sheri said...

I'm a big fan of Colleen Coble. I think I've read everything that she has put out except for this new one. Thanks for the review. :o)