Thursday, January 24, 2013

Olympia Finalists Announced

Today brings Clash of the Titles to the end of Round Two of our first annual Olympia Award.

The Olympia is a literary contest dedicated to Christian fiction and offered only to unpublished writers. In Round Two, the first 3,000 words of entrants’ manuscripts were read and scored by non-industry readers.

A hearty THANK YOU to each of these women who set aside a portion of their time for this contest. Without them, the Olympia would not be.

Of all our submissions, only the top three scores move on to Round Three. Those scores go to manuscripts belonging to:

Bethany Kaczmarek

Laura McClelland

Elaine Manders

Our warmest congratulations to these three authors!

During Round Three, their manuscript excerpts will be read and scored by the following generous individuals:

DEBORAH RANEY -- Award-Winning Author

AMANDA LUEDEKE -- Literary Agent of MacGregor Literary

STEVE HUTSON -- Literary Agent of WordWise Media

The winner will be announced Friday, March 1st, 2013.

Best wishes to our finalists!

The remainder of the contest's entrants can expect to receive their scores by Friday, January 25th. In the meantime, stop by COTT and vote for your favorite book this week:


Bookishqueen said...

Hi Dawn! I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. To learn more about it, go to this link:

Laura said...

Hi, Dawn.

I'm Laura McClellan, and I saw that I got a referral view on my site from yours! I just found this and since even though I am a writer, I haven't submitted any manuscripts, I think you may have the wrong link. I just wouldn't want Laura McClelland to get gypped out of being linked instead. :)

Thanks for the referral though! ;)

Dawn Crandall said...

Thanks for telling me! I was just trying to be helpful to the Olympia finalists!! I figured you were her... I guess the "Laura McClelland Olympia finalist" doesn't have a blog. :D Oh well! :)