Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Writer's Review of “A Most Unsuitable Match" by Stephanie Grace Whitson

This was another one of those times in which I had the chance to either pick a book I knew I was going to love--or pick a book by an author I'd never read before. And despite what happened to me the first time I did this, I chose to give the new author a try. There is a reason I keep doing this, you know. I am an aspiring author. And I hope someday people will pick up my book, despite not recognizing my name on the cover. It's just really hard to keep doing this. Perhaps I'm just picky, but it really is difficult for me to fall in love with a new author unless they really just blow my socks off.

I chose to read and review Stephanie Grace Whitson's A Most Unsuitable Match. Now, I know this isn't a Love Inspired Historical (which I'm quickly discovering are a completely different kind of book compared to simply Love Inspired) but I do expect the hero and heroine of a historical romance to meet somewhere in at the first five or six chapters.

It was very hard for me to get into this book despite my liking both main characters. There was just so much back-story at the beginning. The book was about Fannie Rousseau and Samuel Beck meeting on a steamboat headed from Saint Louis to Montana--both searching for answers. The plot was good, the characters were good, and the end was good. But when I was finished I was left wanting. There were no sparks in this book--no depth to the relationship between the two main characters who were supposedly desperately in love with one another.

It's just another "written-well-enough" book which could have been better with just a little more work.    

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review on my blog.I give this book 3 STARS.


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