Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Writer's Review of “To Win Her Heart" by Karen Witemeyer

It's three for three and I'm hooked. Karen Witemeyer is quickly becoming one of those authors I'm continually waiting on. Waiting for her next book, that is.

 And they're not even enormously long or complex, which is usually how my favorite books tend to be (and yes, I'm talking to you, Julie Lessman). Witemeyer's books are just so--entertaining. I've loved all three of them so far. Every time I think back on any one of them, I just get those little flutterbies in my heart. You know what I mean?
 What floored me about To Win Her Heart in particular is the way Witemeyer so painstakingly took the time to figure out how ex-boxer/ex-con/blacksmith, Levi Grant, would strive to hide his speech impediment by NEVER using the letter S or the soft sound of the letter C. Amazing. And I just adored Eden Spencer and her little in-home library. These two characters, as opposite as they were--were so entirely made for each other--in a way that only a great author could create.

I loved this book and kick myself in the pants every time I think back to the chance I had to make it my own by reviewing it for Bethany House. Yes, instead of this book, I ended up choosing a book I couldn't stand to finish. My advice to you is to not only read this book, but all three of Karen Witemeyer's books.

I borrowed this book from my local Allen County Library and I give it 5 STARS

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Cathy said...

I agree, I wish her books would come out faster! Great review! :)